Studio49 is a newly founded, berlin-based games company.


Since April 2016, we've been splicing casual accessibility with gorgeous visuals and solid design elements to create an enticing new genre of engagement.

We call this amalgamation Casual e-Sports.




Defining the future of Match-3

On the edge of a vast forest, two curious statues flank a winding path into the unknown wilderness.

Something big drifts through the dark clouds above toward an ominous peak in the far distance, while a muted snarl and abrupt crash shake the treeline.

Unafraid, a strange jackalope twitches and fumbles across the path ahead. Observant and excited, you sniff the unfamiliar air and glance around.

You’ve reached Foxy Bear forest, and decide that this seems as good a place as any to set up basecamp.

   the   team

Located in the heart of Berlin, we're a diverse collective who love to connect, collaborate and create.

Studio49 is brought to you by: caffeine, talent, discipline, innuendo, love, ideas and ambition.